Friday, August 3, 2012

Pocket Folders for Research

Dear Readers,

We just returned from seventeen days in Texas, the longest trip we’ve taken since our honeymoon thirteen years ago. This trip was a combination of business and personal, as most of our trips are. We attended a Gideon convention in Dallas, did some research in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, then visited friends in south Texas about halfway between San Antonio and Corpus Christi.

The research portion of our trip focused on ranching and farming, mostly for the current book I’m writing, but also in preparation for future books. I always seem to have at least one project in process and several stories circulating in my head at any given time.

I love to ask the What If questions: What If cattle rustlers figured out a way to change the brands? What If my heroine came to work at the district court this morning and found a body in her chair? What If my hero’s prize bull stampedes through my neighbor’s yard and kills her prize cow?

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