Thursday, August 2, 2012

Combating Writer's Block

Dear Readers,

What should we do when our writing seems stalled or boring? I like to take a long walk or try writing some where other than my office.

Recently  I ran across this article. The author shares some valid points on writers block and how to overcome it.

The ebb and flow of our creativity—as well as our connection to inspiration, writing in general, or a specific piece—is as natural as breathing out and breathing in. Losing our passion for a piece can happen for any number of reasons from feeling tired or overwhelmed to approaching the edge of our comfort zone and being afraid to cross over into new and unknown territory. The only problem comes when after a creative exhale we fear we may never feel the inflow of creativity or passion for our writing project again. While there’s nothing we can do to “prevent” our passion from ebbing and flowing, we can remember and eventually come to know that as natural as it is to lose our sense of creativity and connection every once in a while, it’s equally as natural for it to return.

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