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New Blood by H.G. Ferguson Part 2

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Yesterday we began our five-part series by author, H.G. Ferguson. You can read about that interview here.  Today we are going to hear from H.G. in the second installment in his writing journey towards publication.

After writing Jezebelle - I finished it about a year later, it was a tough, tough project – I felt so polluted inside from making the main character SO THOROUGHLY EVIL I had to write about someone the total OPPOSITE of the vain, cruel, selfish, proud, life-annihilating MONSTER I had created. 

          And then another image gradually came into my mind – about February/March of 2008.  This time instead of a voluptuous beauty I saw a slight, pale, petite young-looking woman in a black cloak and hood also walking through the night – lifting up a voice that rivals the angels in Latin Gregorian chants of praise to God.  Sweet, gentle, humble, selfLESS, no great beauty, with haunting eyes, pale complexion – deathly pale – speaking in the musical tones of the Welsh – and her name came to me, almost as if I heard it spoken:  REBECCA.

          And after this image, I remembered an idea I had BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL WHEN I WAS 17 YEARS OLD – and virtually THE ENTIRE STORY FLASHED BEFORE MY EYES.  I knew where it was going and what its elements would be.  I wasn’t exactly sure how it would end, but I knew the story from that very moment.

          Every single thing just fell into place.  The most important thing – the central character – crystallized like ice.  I knew who this woman was before I ever wrote a word.  It was easy.  She was the opposite of Jezebelle.  In every way.  Jezebelle is an unclean spirit of the dead.  Rebecca is alive, alive in her Savior Jesus Christ.

          Rebecca is also…a vampire.

          The idea I had when I was 17 is WHAT IF what we call vampirism is in reality an extremely rare GENETIC DISORDER, like MS, with certain specific characteristics which account for all the vampire folklore in the world.  And what if one of these people comes to America in the colonial period?

          Almost immediately I knew it had to be during the time of the French and Indian War.  The Revolution has been done, and redone, and done again, but apart from the works of James Fenimore Cooper and his Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans tales, this period of American history – with its inseparable ties to FRENCH CANADA – is largely forgotten and untapped.  So I set out to do research.

          When I sought out our local library, I searched for COLONIAL AMERICA online at their website and a book popped up:  OUTPOSTS OF EMPIRE – WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA 1754-1763, the time of the F&I War.  So I checked it out.  It was a goldmine.  It told me everything, and it became clear to me the story MUST be set in Western Pennsylvania in 1755, the year the war actually began there.  Other pieces of information came together.  Everything I needed fell into my lap.  I spent two months researching and in July of 2008, I wrote the first chapter.  In the last week of November after Thanksgiving I wrote THE END.  5 months writing.

          This was only the beginning, as I was to discover.

          Don’t give up – join us tomorrow for Part 3.

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