Monday, August 20, 2012

New Blood: Book 1 of The Calling of the Blood


Hello Readers,
This week I'll be running a series of posts by published author, H.G. Ferguson. He wrote New Blood: Book 1 of The Calling Of The Blood.
I enjoy getting to know the story behind the story and H.G. has agreed to share his thoughts on his writing journey.

It’s important to me personally that I recount my journey in writing this first Rebecca story.  I will try to be terse, but it is not exactly a short hop.

After we moved to Arizona in 1986, I toyed with some ideas for a long time, tried a few, none of them; went anywhere.  In 2001, I decided I was giving up and not trying anymore since nobody wanted to hear from me.  That sounds pretty bad, but that’s precisely how I felt.

          In February, 2007, that changed.  One evening an image just popped into my head.  A stunning, statuesque, raven-haired beauty with piercing blue eyes, dressed in an antebellum South gown and hat, walked in the darkness through a grove of pecan trees in the area where I had grown up.  Cold, unearthly, with a beauty rarely seen in a woman, this person just kept walking, searching for something.  An aura clung to her – an aura of sadness, of hopelessness – but out of those eyes radiated an evil so deep and all-consuming it terrified me.  And I “heard” a voice whisper her name:  JEZEBELLE.

          A ghost.  I had always wanted to do a ghost story, a real ghost, the spirit of a dead person trapped here via black magic in this world, in-between this life and the life to come.

          What does all this have to do with Rebecca?  Before Rebecca, there had to be Jezebelle.  I understand that now.  The Jezebelle story’s theme is that of Proverbs: there is a way that seems right to a man – or woman – but its end is the way of death.  Jezebelle is the story of a lost soul, a damned, evil, horrible lost soul.  The only thing left of her world is her little porcelain doll Rachel, safely on display at a local museum.  When a northeastern crime lord who collects antique dolls has Rachel stolen, Jezebelle goes on a road trip to recover her Rachel.  “I WANT MY RACHEL!”  Pursued by FBI agents who are NOT clones of Scully and Mulder, Jezebelle leaves a trail of carnage and death in her wake.  At the end, she pays for her sins – finally.

          Join us tomorrow for the story of what happened after I finished this manuscript.

Here are the links for H.G.'s information.

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