Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hunger and Thirst No More

Hunger and Thirst No More

We have evidence in Scripture that God will use an animal to get a person's attention, if need be. The donkey talked to Balaam, (Numbers 22:28), and prevented him from being killed by an angel of the Lord. I believe God uses animals to speak to us today, too, although not necessarily in word, but in action.
My cat, Nikki, gets fed royally. His food dish is always topped up, and he gets treats several times a day. I have never given him any bad food, although I will admit to giving him some foods that he didn't particularly like, at least not at first.
Each time I give him food, he walks slowly up to the dish, sniffing and looking. To watch him, you'd think it was a trap, ready to spring up and grab him. The way he sniffs all of it before deciding to eat any, a person would think maybe I've fed him rotten food on a few occasions. And the really funny thing is, sometimes he walks away from it, leaving it untouched for hours. I begin to think maybe he really doesn't like it, or maybe the can has gone bad since yesterday. But when I get up the next morning, the plate is invariably licked clean.
One funny habit he has is that if he decides he doesn't like something, he shakes his right front paw as he walks away from it, as if trying to shake it off.
I watched him do this recently, and I said (yes, I admit it, I talk to my cat.) "Nikki, why do you do that? Don't I always give you good food? Have I ever tried to poison you? Have I ever tried to put something in your food that jumped out and bit you?"
God spoke to my spirit, and said, "Don't you act that way with Me sometimes, too?"
I was convicted. God was right, as usual. I have prayed for a thing, and when I got it, because it looked just a little different than I expected, I doubted it was from God. At other times, I claimed a thing to be a blessing from God, but when things didn't look so great, I recanted on my testimony, saying perhaps I was wrong, and it wasn't from God.
God always gives good things. Scripture says, "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows. (James 1:17 NIV)" God only knows how to give good gifts, because He has only good in Him. When we look at a blessing, particularly one that we claimed was from God, and begin to doubt it, isn't that like throwing the gift back at Him?
When I trust completely in God's goodness, I know, because His Word says so, that I need never hunger or thirst again, because He will fill my spirit so completely with His presence.

God, show me how to trust You completely, to trust that You have only good for me, and that You know exactly what I need.


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