Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goal, Motivation, Conflict

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Goal, motivation, conflict are common terms in novel writing. Today's featured blog post lists some practical suggestions on how to use those three items to make a novel manuscript more interesting.

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  1. Understanding my characters' Goal, Motivation, and Conflict was a huge breakthrough to writing deeper, more emotionally connecting characters and stories. I use this format: Character WANTS whatever BECAUSE whatever BUT why they can't get what they want. For example: Jill WANTS to go up the hill BECAUSE Jack has ice cream waiting at the top BUT she's afraid the ogre under the bridge will catch her.

    Do this for external (the example above), internal -- so maybe Jill wants to go up the hill because her father always said she was a scaredy cat and couldn't do it but she can't because she's afraid she'll lose his love and affection if she proves him wrong. ]

    And then do it for the spiritual thread for the character, if there is one.