Saturday, March 3, 2012


God is Like an Evergreen

I love to walk in the woods in the fall, kicking the fallen leaves this way and that. The tree started out bare in the spring. As the seasons progress, leaves fill out the bareness, blossoms attract insects, and, finally, the fruit appears, a wonder of creation. By winter, the fruit is gone, the leaves are dead, and the tree hibernates for another year. This reminds me so much of the world, striving for glamor and beauty. Always reaching for the top, never quite getting there. And if, they do get there, for most people, the only thing waiting for them at the end of this season of their life, is death.
In contrast stands the evergreen tree. Quiet, solid, not shouting the changing of the seasons, but merely whispering. Evergreens live much longer lives, and tend to withstand storms, drought, even forest fires, better than leaf trees. They are deeply rooted, and even when cut down or burnt, can spring new life from the old root. Green all year long, they bear fruit in all seasons.
Living a life with God is like that. The storms of life don't destroy us, because we have our feet on a solid Rock, Jesus. We are called to bear good fruit at all times. We are destined for more than a mere season on this earth. We have been promised eternal life with the Father.

Thank You, Lord, that You are faithful, stable, and eternal. And that through You, I am all of those as well. Cause me to show You to a dying world. Amen


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