Thursday, July 26, 2012

Writing Magazine Articles

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Cec Murphy has a lot of good ideas on writing. Right now he is running a series on writing magazine articles. The excerpt from today is part six of twenty-one. I would recommend scrolling back to the first post in the series and reading everything he has written on the subject.

How do I move from idea to polished manuscript?

1. You start with an idea—one about which you're passionate. Don't try to write an article just because you think it will sell. You need enthusiasm to stay with it.

2. Decide if there is an audience large enough for your article.

3. Do the research. We all work differently, but be sure you know your topic. If it's a personal-experience piece, be as clear on the facts as possible. Ask others who were involved. Research means you gather information and you also figure out illustrations or anecdotes to make your ideas significant.
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Cec Murphy's site has a lot of writing tips for writers. It is worth a visit.


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