Saturday, September 22, 2012

ACFW Conference

Dear Readers,

Imagine a cruise without fear of getting seasick. That's what the ACFW conference is like. Luxury hotel, great view, more food than you can eat, and 675 of your closest friends to share this time with you.

And that doesn't even mention the excellent teaching, exciting learning opportunities, editor and agent appointment, and reconnecting from folks you haven't seen since last year.

Yesterday as I came out of the appointment room, a woman was leaving. She mumbled to herself and to everyone around her, "I just got an agent. I just got an agent." I think she was trying to convince herself as much as us. I was so happy for her! I remember conferences where I came out of the appointment room in tears because of a harsh response from an editor who told me my character was boring and nobody would want to read this story. I later learned it wasn't my character or my story that was boring, it was my pitch. It went something like this, when she asked me what my story was about, "Well, it's about this woman who lives in a small town..." and on and on I went about my heroine's backstory. That's NOT what my story was about. I did much better at my next conference, let me tell you.

Today begins the wind-down, although the day is still packed full of praise and worship, teaching, friends, fun, and food. Last night many of us went to historic Grapevine, a small town just up the highway. I took lots of pictures and will try to find a way to download them today and share with you. Tonight is the banquet and awards presentations for the various contests and mentor and editor of the year awards.

Seems like we wait all year for the conference, and before we know it, it's nearly over. But the friendships forged and connection made will last forever.


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  1. thanks for the update. some of us haven't got to the point we can afford the conference Maybe next year.